Hi! I’m Christina Jay, a Life Coach for Busy Executives.

I offer coaching to individuals facing major life transitions such as starting a business, a career change, or personal set back such as a failed relationship. I am your personal confidant who will help you bring your confidence back!

Learn More About My Coaching
Learn More About My Coaching

A Word from my Clients

I was skeptical to initially work with a Toronto life coach but a friend urged me to hire one as a coach had helped her gain more success. Christina helped me to establish clear goals on my new business venture and push past my procrastinating ways. Meeting with her every week I noticed I met my objectives faster and more efficently than I could on my own. My overall confidence in my business endeavours grew and we have had our best sales year ever.
Karen, Entrepreneur, Toronto, ON, Push through Procrastination
Although I was skeptical to work with a coach Christina’s empathetic nature made me feel very comfortable being open and honest with her and what I wanted out of life.
Alex, Yoga Studio owner, NY,NY, Caring Approach

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– Christina Jay – Life Coach

Christina helped me establish clear goals in my six lines of business ventures I run aside from my medical practice. She helped to gain clarity on the specific objectives I wanted to meet, instead of wandering aimlessly throughout my various businesses. Weekly sessions help me stay focused on the core values of my business and Christina pushes me to stay on top of the specific goals I aim to achieve.
Nick, Medical Executive, Toronto,ON, Accountability
I was feeling quite lost despite my successful career. I was really not happy with my life. Christina helped me figure out what my passions were and how to achieve happiness by following them. Now that I am more self aware I use that as my guidance and am currently doing work that is more fulfilling and feel a greater sense of life satisfaction.
Larry, Business Owner Toronto, ON, Increased Life Satisfaction

My Mission

It’s a known fact that world class athletes have coaches. CEO’s, political figures, and celebrities invest in and surround themselves with coaches. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to fix your marriage or improve your career-together we will discover what is standing in your way and create the life you have always dreamed of!

Some Areas I Can Help You With

My passion is helping people get what they want in life and in business. Coaching is a commitment to a relationship and to a process where we honour the client as the expert in their life, profession and business. I hold you accountable for taking action and staying on track. As your coach I provide insight, accountability and support.

Let’s talk about your goals and how I can help you.

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